Bracelet Shoplifted from Urban Mining

by Sally Burke on June 6, 2009

Button Bracelet stolen from Urban Mining, June 6, 2009

Button Bracelet stolen from Urban Mining, June 6, 2009

If you are in Kansas City, I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep your eyes open for this bracelet.  I had it in a display case at Urban Mining and apparently someone wanted it, but couldn’t pay the price. If you do spot it, please DM me through twitter (@sallymander) and see if you can get a license plate or a name or something.  I know this is probably a waste of my time, but I spent 20+ hours assembling this bracelet with antique bone and shell buttons. I’d really like to have it back.  If your tip does lead me to the bracelet, I’ll reward you with a handmade pair of earrings.



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SoylentGreene 06.22.09 at 12:42

Sorry to hear that. That is a beautiful piece of work. I spent hours even days making caterpillar bracelets when I made jewelry. A lot of hours goes into something like this. I’ll keep my eyes open.

warren 08.12.09 at 06:38

Too bad that someone lifted it. It looks beautiful! Sorry…

sally 11.14.09 at 21:32

@warren, thanks for stopping by my blog! I read yours every day. You have a lovely family. I love reading about your adventures!

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